The surroundings

Sicily offers to those who want to have more than a sea-based vacation, many splendid historical and art sights. In fact, our residence is located in a convenient location to those who love to visit some of the most famous Sicilian places, such as:

ISPICA – 12min away/8,2 km

it is a 14.000-people-city located almost at the border with the Siracusa area. The city is 6km away from the sea. The downtown is characterized by charming buildings, churches and large streets. The small city of Ispica observes the sea from a high-hill and it is an interesting archaeological sight. It is well-known for its Parco archeologico della Forza, reachable through hundred stairs in which there are many paintings coming from the Byzantine period. Important sights are: La chiesa madre,palazzo Bruno di Belmont close to the central station, palazzo Bruno di Belmone in liberty-style, monumento ai caduti, S.maria maggiore church. In corso Garibaldi you can admire the church dell'annunziata with its high prestigious stucco . During the “ispicese summer” there are many events, such as Maria santissima assunta celebration, in August. La patrona, La Beata vergine del carmine is celebrated on the 16th of July.

POZZALLO -10 min away/ 5,8 km

Pozzallo (Ragusa) is located on the south-east Sicilian shore between the Mediterranean sea and valleys of the ibleo plateau. It has 18.908 inhabitants and an attractive natural heritage, clear sea, long beaches with golden sand and many services. No depth-foundings, long and vast beaches are ideal to those who love windsurf and kite-surf. It is also known as “ the terrace city upon the Mediterranean” and it owns the famous award “BLUE FLAG”. It is the most common place in the south of Italy, it represents the only trading port of Ragusa and this is a benchmark for tourists coming from the Malta island. Among the beautiful sights, there are: Cabrera tower, Musso palace, Pandolci palace, Giunta palace, Villa tedeschi, Di Martino castel, Madonna del Rosario church, San Giovanni church, Maria Madre della fiducia church and San Paolo church. Among the most famous festivals there are: fish and seafood festival, gelato festival, cannoli festival that are celebrated in August. Moreover, Pozzallo harbor has been a movie set for the Italian sit-com “Il Commissario Montalbano” , episode name: “the shape of the water” and “ the boss of the bosses”.

MALTA – 4h away/ 157km

it is an island state locate in the south of Europe, thus member of the European union. The Malta state consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo, Comino. The Malta island is the biggest one ,and it has many villages characterized by ancient culture, clear blue sea, breathtaking colors and excellent cuisine. At an international level, Malta is well-known for its touristic activities, fun and culture. There are many charming sights, such as: Popeye village, city of Madina. However, the major sights according to UNESCO human heritage are the capital city, La Valletta, Ipogeo of Hal Saflieni and the megalithic temples.

MODICA- 33 min away/ 22,8km

With its 55thousands inhabitants, Modica has been declared UNESCO world heritage site together with other Val di Noto places. Modica has always distinguished itself thanks to culture, and religious schools. In this city, the baroque-style is particularly important, for instance in the Madre di San Giorgio church. Other places to visit are: The Duomo of S.Pietro, Maria del Gesù church, Polara palace, San Giorgio church, Napolino palace, and Tommasi Rosso which is the most elegant religious building of Modica. Modica's culture is also about the poet Salvatore Quasimodo, whose house is a museum, as well as Garibaldi theater and Grimaldi palace gallery. Regarding the military architecture, a famous building is the Conti di Modica palace, which is and old fort and prison located on a eagle-beak shape cliff. Moreover, there is the Toretta of the clock. Modica it is charming city also known as “ the chocolate city”.

NOTO -32min away / 26,2 km

Noto is one of the most famous municipalities of Siracusa and it has more than 24000 inhabitants. Nowadays it is a Unesco human heritage site, thus a touristic destination. The baroque-style is really important and it characterizes the beautiful Ferdinandea door and many other religious structures. Regarding the architecture, the Ducezio palace is worth a visit, and right in front of it, there is the city's cathedral, dedicated to San Nicolo'. Other famous monuments are: Santissimo Crocifisso church, S.Carlo Al Acorso church, dedicated to S.Carlo Borromeo and S.Domenico church. On the Pizzoni Valley, it is possible to find the super admired S.Corrado religious site. Moreover, the famous Villa del Tellaro has a unique story, in fact, this rich roman villa was discovered in 1971. Last but nor least, Noto offers splendid landscapes and beaches, such as Vendicari fauna oasis, Cavagrande del Cassibile osasis and Calamosche beach.

RAGUSA IBLA- 55min away/40,7km

Ragusa iIbla is the beating heart of Ragusa and the most fascinating area thanks to its numerous palaces and churches. Ragusa ibla is located on a small hill and, after the 1693 earthquake, it has been totally rebuilt in baroque style. Piazza Pola is the main square of the area and nearby there are many bars, and offices. There are many noble palaces in a baroque and renaissance style. In neighboring areas there are the remains of Sant'Agostino church, an ancient church with a beautiful Gothic yard. Furthermore it is possible to admire the Palazzo di Quattro, dated back to 1700. Other famous places to visit are: San Francesco dell'Immacolata church, Battaglia palace, which was the first building built right after the big earthquake, Dell'Annunziata church with a small Arezzi palace dated 1700. Piazza Duomo is the baroque-heart of Ibla, but the most beautiful church is by far the San Giorgio one. Thanks to its many charming buildings, every corner of this historic city is unique and will surprise you.

SIRACUSA- 58min away/ 60,2km

Siracusa is located on the south-east of Sicily. It is a UNESCO human heritage site. Through the Greek, Romans and Byzantine era, the city has gathered many prestigious architecture buildings, many of which have survived the 1693 earthquake. After the tragic event, the city was rebuilt in a baroque-style. This part of Sicily is extremely interesting thanks to its museums and protected area. Famous sites are: the Neapolis archaeological park, the Ginnasio, the Roman Amphitheater, the Greek theater, Eurialo castel, Ierone II and Dionysus' ear. Other appreciated places are the catacombs of Siracusa which are the second biggest ones, after the Roman catacombs. Siracusa and surroundings also give great importance to the sea:ranging from the Ortigia island to Noto area there are many splendid beaches to discover.

MARZAMEMI – 31min away/28,6km

Marzamemi is located in the Siracusa area and it is a small village on the south-east Sicilian coast. The village is surrounded by the Ionic sea and there are two islands: big and small Marzamemi. Big Marzamemi is curved-shapes and, in recent years, a small harbor was built in order to welcome tourists. Whereas, small Mazamemi has only an elegant villa. Mazamemi village is a typical one and it offers many beautiful sites beyond the clear sea. In the downtown, there are: Piazza Regina Margherita in which there are two churches dedicated to San Francesco di Paola. When walking on the streets it is hard not to notice the small and characteristic fisherman's houses. The most typical house is the so-called “oven house”in which there is a huge brick oven. Furthermore, there are two little charming harbors: la Fossa and la Balata. Marzamemi beach is located in San Lorenzo and it is just how you would expect it: marvelous, fine sand and a clear sea.